Buddha Teas Hibiscus Tea

Buddha Teas Hibiscus Tea
I’ve recently had the pleasure of sampling Buddha Tea’s Hibiscus Tea.   Buddha Tea is a non-GMO, 100% organic herbal tea using  bleach free and Dioxin free tea bags.

The first thing I noticed about the tea is that it was extremely aromatic which I found to be very invigorating. In addition to the lovely taste, Hibiscus Tea is said to carry antioxidants and many health benefits one being to help lower elevated blood pressure. My husband who has elevated blood pressure put this Hibiscus Tea to the test. He made himself three cups of Hibiscus Tea a day and to my surprise it did lower his blood pressure.  I’m not a medical doctor or health care professional in any way and certainly am not offering any advice but his experience was too interesting not to share.

You should always consult your physician before using other ways to treat health conditions.

“With their large, vibrantly colored petals, hibiscus flowers have become an iconic symbol for a tropical paradise. Typically found in warm and tropical climates, hibiscus plants vary in size from little shrubs to small trees. Likewise, their flowers have their own individuality, and come in a broad range of colors and sizes, with red being one of the most popular. Hibiscus blossoms are the national flower of South Korea, Malaysia and Haiti. They also have spiritual significance and play an important part in Hindu ceremonies. Though many may find it surprising, these beautiful flowers are edible, and are served dried or coated in sugar to create candied hibiscus flowers in many parts of the world.” – Buddha Teas

I’m truly impressed with Buddha Teas selection and believe there is something for everyone. The selection is amazing and overwhelming at the same time because I would love to try them all. Shop around and see what grabs you. Go to www.buddhateas.com
Disclosure: Buddha Tea provided me this sample at no charge for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.

FabKids: Denim Party Animal Outfit

Denim Party Animal2

There has been a slight chill in the air….even here in Hawaii and we are not complaining one bit! My daughter is wearing the Denim Party Animal outfit today! This sweater is oh, so soft and oh, so stylish.  The Denim Party Animal outfit included the fabulous leopard fuzzy sweater and denim jeggings.

Here are the simple steps to get started with Fabkids.

  • Take a short Style Quiz which will help the stylist get to know your child’s personal taste as well as their size information.
  • Get a personalized FABSHOP which will show you a variety of handpicked selection of outfits and styles to choose from.
  • Here is the fun part! Start shopping!

Head over to FabKids today to see some awesome outfits for kids!

Denim Party Animal

Denim Party Animal 3

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Disclosure: I am a Fabkids Blogger and Fabkids provided me with this outfit for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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