Shoe Sale at Nordstrom’s!

Shoe Sale Nordstrom's

Jessica Simpson Faina Cutout Sandal // Steve Madden Vyceroyy Pumps // Sam Edelman Anastasia // Steve Madden Surfice // Enzo Angiolini Coadi // Ivanka Trump Delfino // Vince Camuto {not on sale} but so fabulous!

Friday Fab Favorites: The WAYF Shift Dress

Fall Favorites

A few months ago I wore a WAYF shift dress for the Fashion Informant! This is one of the most comfortable and flattering dresses out there that works for so many different body types. It’s forgiving around the waistline without making you look blocky as sometimes shift dresses tend to do. As I was shopping around Nordstrom’s I found this lovely cranberry color that would be so perfect for fall. Pair it with these fabulous booties and a great leopard bag and you’ll be set for a fall date night!

  1. WAYF dress in Cranberry
  2. Bag Tory Burch Kerrington Shopper
  3. Vince Camuto Kevlin Booties

Fashion Informant: Not So Fashionable Beachwalk


By the Pier


The Climb

The Dog

This is about as fashionable as I got for our weekly Fashion Informant.  The husband and I have made it our goal to walk as much of the beach line on Oahu as possible. At first when I signed up for this crazy idea, I thought… hard can it be? Not only that it was a way for me to get out of hiking the Mountains. I mean it’s beautiful of course but brutal at times and I’ve never really been cut out for that whole hiking hobby. So I thought, walking along the beach sounds fantastic and easy! You would think, right? Truth be told, harder than hiking in the mountains in some areas.

This was last weeks little adventure and let me just tell you, it took a week for my feet to recover. Many thoughts ran through my head about how crazy it was to be doing and though it doesn’t look that dangerous there are certainly many things that could go wrong. For instance, getting thrown into the lava rock by a crashing wave. Getting crushed by lava rock while climbing them. Falling through the coral and breaking a leg or an ankle. It’s not all white sandy beaches…the terrain is tough. Luckily in the end the only injury I suffered was some singed feet (think walking on hot coals…no joke!) with a few cuts and bruises here and there. It wasn’t pleasant but it was so worth it in the end. Quality time with the husband is pretty awesome!

What did I wear on this not so fashionable day? That didn’t work so well?

  • Swimsuit- Good choice because there was swimming involved
  • Gap tank top- In full hot sun, not protective at all.
  • Gap white cut-off shorts- not the best choice, some sort of board shorts would have been better. They were very stained and not comfortable to swim in….obviously I had no idea what was in store for me.
  • Nike sun visor – must have
  • Nike backpack- wasn’t waterproof not the best choice

Here is how I’ll do it right next time. Just in case some of you are thinking this would be something fun and adventurous to do, I don’t want you all to make the same mistakes I made. Dressing appropriately is always important.

  • Long sleeve rash guard
  • Waterproof shorts
  • I was encouraged to get Vibrams since they help with walking on coral and rocks both in and out of the water. Plus they dry fast. Crossing fingers, I’ll let you all know how they work out for this type of terrain.


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